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Gallery of Clocks

In the early 1800s, the creation of the Dwarf Tall-Case Clock was a significant and unique advancement in the history of American clock-making. These valuable clocks are very desirable due to their short production period and distinctive look.

At 1 foot wide and barely 4 feet tall, the delicate, miniature pieces are successfully created in the style of the original New England clock-makers and employ weight-driven, time-and-bell strike movement. Ingenious features found on these impressive clocks include hand-painted dials, superb wood selection, and distinctive fretwork.

In an effort to showcase this premiere example of American clock-making, the Dwarf Clock Company was established.

  • Gallery 1 - Mahogany Fretwork-Top Dwarf Clock:  (Crotch Mahogany Veneer with Rosewood Inlay)
  • Gallery 2 - Walnut Fretwork-Top Dwarf Clock:  (Walnut with White Pine)
  • Gallery 3 - White Pine Fretwork-Top Dwarf Clock:  (White Pine with Fruit Wood Stain)
  • Gallery 4 - White Pine Fretwork-Top Dwarf Clock:  (Mahogany-Grained Finish)